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When I was first considering chiropractic school, about seventeen years ago, I asked my primary care doctor for some advice and for his thoughts about chiropractors and the chiropractic profession.  He said that he really didn’t know what chiropractic was, nor how it helps patients.  However, he went on to say that he was aware of many patients who had been helped by chiropractors.  Since then, one of my objectives has been to help others understand the different approaches Doctors of Chiropractic take when working with patients.   I outline my approach below in the hope that it will help others, like my PCP, better understand chiropractic as I see it.        -Greg Turpin DC

ProMotion Chiropractic and Therapuetics LLC

ProMotion Chiropractic and Therapuetics LLC (ProMotion) provides patient centered, evidence based clinical chiropractic care and therapeutic modalites.  Patient goals drive the therapeutic outline and care plans.  One size does not fit all, and we have the resources and experience to individualize protocols to address acute and chronic symptoms, stress based issues, postural and gait dysfunction, as well as enhancing hobbies and other activities of daily living. 

We start with an initial appointment, which is multipurpose.  Our first objective is to understand the current presenting problem and related history.   Second is to learn the intention behind seeking chiropractic care and the patient's goal.  For instance, some patients present with symptoms that are limiting their ability to perform their job or participate in activities that they enjoy, such as sports or other recreational activities.  Others may have experienced a trauma that is very debilitating.  The patient’s goal is ProMotion’s goal. 

Once our goals are established, the next step is examination. Initial examination serves to establish if chiropractic care is indicated and may include baseline vitals, visual assessment and posture/gait analysis, joint range of motion assessment, muscle strength performance, neurological and sensory verification, orthopedic testing, recommendation for imaging such as x-ray, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and/or blood testing. 

Care plans and recommendations are based on history and examination findings and are discussed with each patient prior to initiation.  Each patient is autonomous with respect to protocols used to address their individual chief complaint (presenting problem) and may discontinue care at their discretion. 

Depending on the history taking and examination findings, care plans may include one or more therapies.  ProMotion offers diversified chiropractic techniques, instrument assisted chiropractic techniques such as Activator, flexion distraction, drop table, ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation (interferential, TENS, EMS and Russian), thermal therapy, neuromuscular trigger point therapy, far infrared (FIR) therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue therapy and craniosacral therapy.  ProMotion also offers Neuromuscular Therapy Techniques (NMT), a soft tissue technique which is incredibly effective in resolving muscular conditions that may occur from overuse or other trauma.

Home care is a valued and necessary part of most care plans.  We provide resources such as therapeutic exercise recommendations, access to high quality nutritional supplementation, lifestyle and ergonomic assessment and we are available via email, text and phone (depending on time of attempted contact) to answer questions.  

Session time units are usually scheduled in twenty (20) minute blocks for manual therapy and five (5) minute blocks for adjustments to adequately allow for patient/doctor interaction and to perform the necessary modalities.  The initial visit may take up to forty-five (45) minutes due to detailed history taking and examination and therapy as needed.    

Post session questions and feedback are offered after each meeting to ensure the care plan stays on purpose.  Rescheduling takes place on a case by case basis and is discussed during the report of findings and after each meeting when indicated. 

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